Halloween Magical Spells To Attract Money, Love And Many More

The most powerful Halloween love spells that work fast

The most powerful Halloween love spells, money spells and relationship spells. The night of October 31 is one of the most important in the esoteric calendar. If you trust in magic, there are spells that you can use to change the state of affairs in your life. Halloween usually marks the beginning a new magic year. For that reason, the spells that are cast at this time are usually related to change and transformation. If that is what you are interested in, use these spells.

Simple, but powerful Halloween love spells that work fast

This is one of those spells that you can do on your own during the Halloween night. While in a quiet room, get some water in a bottle, a plate a plate with a couple of cinnamon sticks and light a red candle while invoking the spirit of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Then, you write on a white sheet your name and six aspects of your current relationship (or previous ones) that you want to change and not repeat again. When you finish, you read it out loud three times and imagine how those situations are moving away from your life. When finished, you burn the paper on the plate along with the cinnamon. Then, you throw the water to the earth and, finally, in the garden, you blow the ashes away from yourself, while affirming inwardly that from now on you will attract a healthy, pure and happy love.

Effective powerful Halloween love spells to enhance your sexual life

This particular powerful Halloween love spells is for you who would love to enhance your sexual life. On the night of October 31, prepare a warm bath with salt (100 grams of salt per 10 liters of water, approximately) and essential oils, for example, jasmine, violets, roses, patchuli and sandalwood. Enter the water, close your eyes and feel the genital area with strength, caressing the body and repeating: “My body is open and ready for pleasure, I love, I love and I am loved”.

Here is another spell you can use to enhance to your economy

To invoke abundance and economic prosperity, in this magical night you can turn to nature. In a bowl of clay, gather seven grains of rice, a handful of alfalfa sprouts and one of oats. Mix everything and add a small piece of charcoal that is burning. While it is burning you have to walk the corners of the house in silence asking mentally that abundance fill your home. The ashes should later be thrown in the garden or in a flowerpot. Contact me now if you would like to cast more of these powerful Halloween love spells.