Powerful Protection Spells For The Halloween Night

Traditional samhain rituals for the modern witch and wizard

Have you been looking for traditional samhain rituals? One of them is a protection spell from evil spirits, bring wealth or reveal love. The Celts, who installed this festivity, believed that the passage between our world and the world of the dead narrowed considerably this day, allowing the passage of spirits of all kinds, both the good ones who come to help us, as well as the bad ones. That is why the bad ones are frightened away using pumpkins while the good ones are captured using traditional samhain rituals.

Simple traditional samhain rituals to bring wealth and prosperity

For this traditional samhain rituals, you will need the following. Collect as many mauve seeds on a folded piece of paper or in an envelope. Place it on the south wall of your house, along with a silver coin and a copper one (if you do not have coins you can use some silver and copper objects) and leave it there. After a year, your wealth will be 12 times the amount of seeds you have placed. This means that if your assets or your savings at this time are, say, 500 dollars, after 12 months you should have 6000.

Effective traditional samhain rituals to bring quiet into a home

For this spell, you will need some freshly cut or very fresh parsley, exactly 9 sprigs. Place them in a pot with 9 liters of water and heat it for 9 minutes. At 12:09 on the night of Halloween (that is, barely started on November 1), wash and clean your entire house with this preparation to turn it into a quiet, peaceful and loving place. Peace will soon be restored in your home. This one of those traditional samhain rituals that you must do.

Would you like to improve your luck? Use this Halloween spell

Take 7 small turquoise pieces. Place them under the moon on Halloween night and allow them to absorb light for seven hours. After that time, take the stones in your hands and say:
“May luck come fast, luck be kind, may luck be with me, may luck not go away and be mine”
Then place the stones in a green bag and carry with you wherever you go. Every time you need a bit of good luck, throw a stone in the water in motion, indicating your desire. For more details about these traditional samhain rituals, contact me now.